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Thrive through our Self Learning Success Systems

  • Mobile Applications –Rajparth- An easy and fun application to help you simplify decision making on a daily basis. This can dramatically increase your daily productivity. A mobile application designed to multiply your happiness to multiply your daily successes. Download it today on your smartphone. Download it from the App Store on your iphone or Play store from Google on your Droid phone.
  • Podcasts Listen to the I Love Progress Podcasts Podcasts that will bring progress in your day. Click here
  • Book-Get The Daily Happiness Multiplier™ Book- A 200 page book that teaches you the systems you need on daily basis to multiply your daily success by multiplying your daily happiness
  • Online Courses–The Decision Simplifier™- Take the online courses to make daily decision making an exact science to help you make more right decisions on a daily basis.
  • DVDs of 12 Daily Tools of High Achievers-Get the 12 DVDs that come with comprehensive coaching, workbook, and worksheets

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Transform Your Core for a Better You™

  • Transform Your Life:  Balancit® is a unique one-on-one coaching system designed to Balance Work and Life for Good®. Build a much higher quality of life and multiply your professional growth at the same time with this intensive coaching designed to balance life and work.
  • Transform Your Business: SecYourit® is a unique one-on-one business coaching system designed to help you differentiate and stand out from your competition. The intensive coaching system eliminates you having to compete because of price and takes your business to another level. The MediGrowth Achiever™ is a unique one-on-one growth coaching system designed for individual doctors and small groups to make their practice unique and sustainable for all the rapid changes happening in the industry.
  • Transform Your Team –The DHEE® (The daily Happily Engaged Evangelist®-Employees as Raving Fans of the Employer) is a unique group team engagement coaching system that increases gets your employees to work passionately and happily at work. This has a direct impact on daily productivity, revenues, and profitability of the company.

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Transcend to Your True Potential™

  • Three Different Levels of Membership: (Coming Soon): Choose from Three Levels of Membership and through our own unique member portal get access to a wide variety of coaching systems, self-learning systems, online courses, DVDs, Books, Online Tools to help increase your daily success and productivity and membership to the Mill-A-Month Geniuses™
  • The Million Dollar Monthly Meeting (Coming Soon)–Become a member and get access to The Mill-A-Month Geniuses™ wherein 10 different Geniuses each month will present ideas collectively worth at least $1 Million of value to all attendees and each member has to go through a 10 step qualification process to be a Genius.
  • Member Portal : A unique member portal designed to keep you on track to your success and everything in one easy place to access, monitor your progress towards your vision, and be on the path to become a high achiever.


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Most Common Business Challenges

How to Manage Time ?

Do you feel overworked? Do you feel missing in action? If these are questions on your mind, you need a system to balance work and life as a lifetime habit. It is a well known fact that actors, athletes, CEOs have coaches to pinpoint the limitations that are holding them back from the success they seek. Get the level of coaching you need customized for your needs and your budget. Check out our Balancit™ system that will “Balance Life and Work for Good™.”

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How to Grow Business ?

Do you feel competition is killing your business? Do you feel competing based on price? The one clear way to grow your business is to differentiate your business from the rest. Business Coaching that focuses on making you unique and stand out can achieve long term continued growth and profitability.
Check out SecYourit™ that can help “Secure Your True Potential™”

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How to Make Your Team Engaged and Productive ?

Do you feel your team is inefficient? Is your team delivering the results that you want or can it be better and highly productive? Team engagement and passion combined with a daily tracking system is the key to  a highly productive team and increased revenues for your company. Make raving fans out of your employees, Check out our team productivity system, “The Daily Happily Engaged Evangelist.™” It is “DHEE Team You Want.™”

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Coaching Systems

Why need Balancit™?

Balancit™ is a unique business and time management coaching system that focuses on achieving customized lifelong habits for self, family, and work.   It is focused building growth action habits for both your working days and non-working days. Check out our Balancit™ system that will “Balance Life and Work for Good™.

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How can SecYourit™ Help?

The key to a successful growth in your business is differentiating your business and staying focused on optimal opportunities that meets your vision. Our unique five step business coaching process will help you stay focused on optimal opportunities, be unique and different from others, and achieve your vision that is integrated with long term continued growth and profitability. Check out SecYourit™ that can help “Secure Your True Potential™”

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Why need THE DHEE™?

It is a well known and now proven fact (through Gallup Polls) that happy employees are engaged and productive. Our unique Team Engagement coaching system builds passion and engagement in your team and delivers better results than you were getting before. As a result because of the action coaching and the daily activity tracking software tools it can deliver results that you didn’t have before. Check out THE DHEE™ and get “DHEE Team your Want™”

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