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Balance Work and Life for Good™

 Are you able to balance work and life on your own?

The Balancit™ is a Unique System to have your Life balanced for increased success


According to Gallup Polls done consecutively over four years, more than 49 percent of all Business owners work more than 44 Hours a week or more. Balancing the goals of your Business with the goals of your family or personal life often becomes Stressful and a challenge. A proper system to balance work and life is essential to being the most productive and profitable in your work or profession. Not only are small-business owners stressed out by their businesses, but they’re also letting other aspects of their lives fall by the wayside in order to run their companies. The owners surveyed claim they regularly give up free time (57 percent), exercise (37 percent) and other personal priorities to manage their businesses. Are you working more than 40-50 hours a week? Are you doing your employees unfinished work? Are you taking work to your vacation? Are you losing the deep connection you once had with your family and loved ones? Are you working in your bed hours and hours after your bed time? Is the time passing by so fast that your children are not growing or becoming who you wan them to become? By not having a system to balace work and life, life can get out of control and it can start controlling you instead of you controlling your life.
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Balancit™ is a unique solution that helps you perform at your best at work and achieve your personal and family balance as well. This is done through intensive one-on-one coaching for 21 coaching sessions for a flat fee to achieve a proper balance in your life.

Here’s How it Works

It is said if you can’t measure what you manage, you should stop managing. It is very important that measurement and accountability is not only done on a daily basis but also on a activity basis too. A proper system to balance work and life can become a habit and discipline if there is daily measurment and accountability. This is why we developed great mobile application tools that complement and supplement each of our coaching systems. We believe in producing “high achievers” and want to do everything possible and beyond to make that happen. That’s why we pack a lot of action in our coaching.

It is a well known fact that it takes 21 successful attempts to make something a habit. This is why in Our Balancit™ time management coaching system we provide 21 one-on one coaching meetings to make sure that “optimal working days” and “optimal non-working days” have become an absolute discipline and a habit in your life and you have all the emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, intellectual strength to encounter whatever obstacles you may face in the future.

It is said everything and anything or nothing can happen in a day. The choice is yours. Which is why we have easy daily tracking system to go with all of our coaching components and through live coaching system we build this as a system in your mind as a discipline and a habit.

“A System for Building Great Days as a Habit for the rest of your life.”

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