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The Decision Simplifier™ Online Course:

The key is to systematize your decision-making in a way that emphasizes your objectivity and compartmentalizes your emotions. Anything that prompts a thoughtful decision-making process is always better than letting decisions languish in the brain. That’s why I created the Decision Simplifier™ Online Course that teaches a process for bringing clarity to your decisions with minimal influence from your biases or the range of emotions that typically accompany a decision.The Decision Simplifier™ course was designed with a mission to simplify decision making and teach everyone to make more right decisions. Also, kids can go through this course and change their outlook in life to be more successful.
Even if you just had 5 minutes to spare, you can substantially benefit from the course by watching some of the videos and implementing the systems the same day or in the near future.
For those who would like to spend all day on this course, the course has 20 chapters, a hundred flash cards and multiple choice questions, 20 videos, and a final exam consisting of 100 questions. Regardless of whether you spend 5 minutes or all day you will receive substantial value from the course and learn how to secure yourself from enemies of decision making.
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