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Bimal Shah


Bimal Shah is a well-known in South Florida and in business for the last 17 years. He builds high achievers by building and maintaining customized systems that provide security from dangers of growth. He is a recognized speaker with presentations at several professional business associations, conferences, and meetings. Bimal’s organization helps bring control and charge in the lives of entrepreneurs by making  their teams happily engaged, striking a balance between Work and Life, adding security from the Seven enemies of Wealth, and making their business very unique and different from the competitors.

Ami Shah


Ami holds a Chartered Accountant degree from Bombay, India. Her knowledge and Audit experience in India provides the direction that Rajparth Group needs from a financial perspective. Ami’s unique foresight is inevitable to the future success of Rajparth. Ami’s organization skills allows all team players at Rajparth to start without clutter. As an Editor of The Decision Simplifier™ course, she has made the course easily understandable for teens as well as adults, opening our learning systems to be implemented by teenageers. 

Jatin Shah

Marketing Manager

Jatin has been a key team player of Rajparth Group since 2006 and his knowledge, expertise, and skills facilitates all the different growth systems that Rajparth Group has to offer to its clients. Jatin’s daily marketing efforts and customer service systems make sure that you as a customer are completely satisfied with everything and you can provide us feedback to provide better service to you.  His diverse background, hard work, and dedication to making himself available whenever needed is key to helping Rajparth Group be a success for all.

Amy Shah

Business Associate

Amy’s unique ability lies in her communication skills that helps our customers experience the best that we have to offer and also realize their own true potential as a result. Amy has been part of Rajparth Group since 2006 and her dedication to listen to the customers first and deliver more than expected is vital for our customers and for us. Amy’s unique skills in providing the best overall customer experience  helps add more value to our customers and us. Amy also has prior experience in teaching young children at school allowing to provide support for our online courses that can also be learned by children.


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Customers Reviews

Your work always possesses genuine integrity. Your work ethic is impeccable and you always strive to provide clients with the best service. We have been continuously impressed with your knowledge and insight of the industry and in conclusion, we highly recommend you
Parikh Family Investments Company
The coaching helped me grow my leadership skills, get my staff to better respond to the challenges, and the team to have the confidence to work with my leadership style. Through the workshop everyone came together and teamwork became very cohesive and got very organized.
Dr. Khan


The biggest difference I got from the workshops is the delegation of responsibilities and personally after the workshop I feel a lot less stressful and everybody knows what needs to be done and what’s expected of them.
Lorna K.
I have seen a lot more clear and effective communication and action after the workshop than what was before and that has resulted in greater productivity and efficiency at work


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