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Secure Your True Potential™

Grow Your Business through SecYourit™, A unique systematic process designed to help you accomplish your Short Term and Long Term Vision for the Business Growth.

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Why SecYourit™?

The One and Only unique Coaching, Planning and Achieving (C-P-A) Process to Help you differentiate your Business and make it Grow.
SecYourit™, under the direction of Bimal Shah, is the only process that uniquely helps businesses avoid majority of the mistakes and at the same time take advantage of the most successful proven concepts that help achieve the business growth.

Is your business cutting down its profit margins to stay in business or grow? Are you at a plateau in your business? What makes you unique and stand out from your competition? Do you have a team that is universally aligned with your short term and long term vision? Do you have a system that allows you to systematize the process of  decision making?  That’s why we created the 5-step SecYourit Business coaching system that helps you build a business that you can count on.

This unique flat-fee unlimited consulting and coaching allows the businesses owners to be rest assured that we are available whenever they need us to make sure they reach their three year vision. Our vested interest is just in you and making you achieve the business growth.
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Do You have a unique system to help you achieve your Vision?


Our Mission

Our Mission is to build and maintain customized systems for businesses to provide security from enemies of growth and make businesses stand out from the rest 

The Decision Simplifier™

At the heart of every business success is the ability to make a lot of right decisions. Our first step focuses on creating systems, processes, and structure that make decision making easy. The most essential component for achieving business growth.

Do you have a Simplified Decision Making system for most situations on a daily basis? The Decision Simplifier™ is the answer.

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The Discovery Builder™

The Second stage in our process focuses on narrowing down the short term vision that makes you “personally and professionally happy” about your progress and outlining a plan to achieve that progress on business growth.

Are you able to  achieve Happiness in your Pursuit of Success instead of chaos, confusion and stress? The Discovery Builder™ is the answer.

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The Assured Design™

This stage focuses on building an “Independent Advisory Board” to make sure your plan can be executed and achieved seamlessly. This team consists of people you may already have relationships with that you trust or adding or replacing team members you may need.

Are you able to eliminate “Confusion” and “Conflict” between your team of advisors? The Assured Design™ is the answer.

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The Vision Director™

This stage focuses on navigating and staying on track to maximize the opportunities that come along that may further leverage or achieve your vision.

Are you able to maintain “Focus” on what matters most? The Vision Director™ is the answer.

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The Dream Expander™

This stage focuses on building The Legacy of Values™ as most people leave behind wealth but cannot enforce principles and values after their demise. We also start on The Dream Expander Journey™ on another short term Vision that is much bigger and better.

Are you able to achieve “Continued Personal and Professional Growth” in life? The Dream Expander™ is the answer.

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