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We provide Security from Enemies from Prosperity.
We do it by building and maintaining customized systems of Coaching, Planning and Achieving.
Testimonials from customers that reflect the same

Dr. Khalil Khan

We as physicians were looking into jumping into a new age of technology and maximizing ways to make the practice both as a doctor and as a young leaders. As a result of the workshops, we were not only able to accomplish that but also come together as a team and handle unpredictable events.

From a personal standpoint, I was looking to capitalize on leadership skills and within just a few workshops, we were able to streamline our day-to-day activities, sequencing our activities, organize my staff better, and most important everybody was able to voice their disagreements along with allowing ourselves to express what we are good at resulting a systems that created solutions for the challenges we faced as every day.

From a professional standpoint, it is all about customer service. Even as a physician, you have to have this in mind. As a result of these workshops I am a better representative of my business and helped my staff to better respond to the daily challenges we face.

Before the workshops, we were much disorganized, not able to respond to challenges, and team lacked in conquering unexpected and unpredictable events. After just three workshops, everybody was able to come together, the positive effects were felt immediately, the team became very cohesive, and better respond to my leadership style.


Terry Sgammato, CEO, Stirling Insurance.

Bimal’s coaching has energized my business and brought in a fresh voice to it by assisting us in the strategizing of performance and sales in my business.

The enthusiasm brought on by Bimal’s coaching to my staff has seen an exponential increase as they too share a strong belief in the coaching systems that are being implemented at the behest of Bimal Shah. Bimal’s workshops have further reinforced and also enhanced some aspects of my leadership, in that, he has brought on a fresh perspective to my role as a leader of my company.

In addition to Bimal being a very engaging and energetic personality, he also has an open minded and unique perspective to making learning a fun-filled experience for my staff which then adds immeasurable value to my company.


Erick Gonzalez, CEO, Recovery Loss Adjusters.

After just one workshop and 6 weekly calls, I am on track to double my business, spending more time with family, have hired a new agent, licensed in another state, and feel like I am getting much closer to achieving my three year vision.


Virendra Parikh, CEO, Parikh Group of Companies.

We have had the pleasure of working with you over two years and have continuously been very impressed with your knowledge and insight of the industry.

Your work always possesses genuine integrity. Your work ethic is impeccable and always strive to provide clients with best service.

You are dedicated and sincere individual and maintain the best interest of your client. You provide the highest level of customer service by being very responsive to the client’s needs.

In conclusion, we would highly recommend you.


Matt R., Realtor

Bimal has given me Several Awesome Ideas, strategies, and systems to help me grow my business, make more money and have more time for family


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Rajparth Achievers is an organization founded with principles of spreading success and progress through coaching and education by providing customized growth systems that provide security from enemies of growth. We also help you continue the transformation for life by building and developing lifelong habits.

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