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DHEE™ Team You Want™- A Team Engagement coaching system

The Daily Happily Engaged Evangelist™

happily engaged employees

Do you have a Passionate Team Engagement at work?

 The DHEE-A Unique System that gets passion in your Team for Increased Success


According to Gallup’s 2012 State of the American Workplace Survey , a vast majority of all workers(70%) of all employees are not reaching their true potential as they are not engaged or actively disengaged- a problem that has significant implications for the economy and the individual performance of American companies. Gallup’s research shows that employee engagement remains flat while unmanaged. Is your team highly productive? Are your employees totally dedicated and engaged in what they do? Are they committed to deliver the results you want? Are you constantly worried if the job will get done or not? Does you team work with passion in their daily tasks or activities? Do they love what they do and do what they love?  Passion at work and team engagement can increase revenues, goodwill, and long term continuity of the business. Our unique coaching-planning-achieving system delivers team engagement and passion at work by combining coaching, planning through different systems and processes, and achieving through a daily tracking software customized for every business.
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A unique solution that builds passion and team engagement at work. It also helps your team perform at their full potential by getting them happily engaged and work with commitment everyday. Easy tracking is achieved by customized software application tools  and  it collaborates the whole team on a daily basis. The end result is a happy team and  increased productivity.

Here’s How it Works

We provide unparalleled support by being there for you and your employees whenever needed and resolving the challeneges faced on a daily basis.  

For large companies we do one or two full day coaching workshops and for small companies we do several 2-3 hour workshops.

With a customized daily tracking software that ties to the smartphone device, tracking activities and results becomes easy and achieving increased productivity becomes doable. MWS® is a comprehensive and powerful mobile workforce solution that improves productivity, information exchange, and the quality of customer relations. Now mobile workers, office coordinators, management, and even your customers are connected because  literally puts critical business information in the hands of the entire team.


Habits, Characteristics, and Tasks that Teammates Passionately do Every Day  


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