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The MediGrowth Achiever

Do you have a Medical Practice model that can overcome obstacles of the present and Future?  The MediGrowth Achiever™ is a Unique System for Physicians to Achieve a Customized Medical Practice Transformation from Within


In 2012, An annual survey of 13,575 physicians done by The Physicians Foundation showed that
• Over three quarters of physicians – 77.4 percent – are somewhat pessimistic or very pessimistic about the
future of the medical profession and their medical practice.
• Over 84 percent of physicians agree that the medical profession is in decline.
• Over 82 percent of physicians believe doctors have little ability to change the healthcare system.
• Close to 92 percent of physicians are unsure where the health system will be or how they or their current medical practice will fit into it
three to five years from now.

Patient Focus


A UNIQUE System that builds the focus on providing Exceptional Patient Care for Physicians by building a Happier Team and Happier Physican to grow Revenues

Here’s How it Works

A “happier patient” is the most important purpose of the doctors practice. Building a happier patient means building patient engagement at the highest level, reducing patient waiting time to less than 15 minutes, and providing beyond expectation patient education. This is why we have a unique system combined with Dr. Emile Allen, a 30 year experienced physician and a crisis management expert in our team, to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction for increased medical practice revenues.  

It is a well known fact that a happy and engaged team has a direct impact on the firm’s revenues. This is why in The MediGrowth Achiever™ coaching system we provide in-depth coaching workshops to build the team engagement that is essential to building the patient education and make patients as raving fans of the doctor’s office. We make the team to passionately do their daily activities and instill measurement and accountability tools to track daily results.

To achieve overall and long term practice sustainability, it is essential to achieve success in all different components of Physicians lives. This means effective time management, managing cash flow and finances, proper medical practice management, and overall personal leadership in the practice. We combine all of that in The MediGrowth Achiever™ program to help achieve long term continued success that can also create a lasting legacy for future generations.  

“A System for building a Medical Practice that lasts.”


Our Team Members

Bimal Shah


Bimal Shah is a well-known in South Florida and in business for the last 17 years.He builds high achievers by building and maintaining customized systems that provide security from enemies of growth. He is a recognized speaker with presentations at several professional business associations, conferences, and meetings. Bimal’s organization helps bring control and charge in the lives of entrepreneurs by making  their teams happily engaged, striking a balance between Work and Life, adding security from the Seven enemies of Wealth, and making their business very unique and different from the competitors.

Dr. Emile Allen

Crisis Management Expert

As an accomplished surgeon who specialized in urologic oncology, Emile Allen, M.D. not only built three successful private practices but also was the Chief of Urology and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, California. While operating on a patient, he was electrocuted and nearly died. This profound event redirected his personal and professional life, leaving Emile without a career and struggling to find a new purpose. With fears deeply etched on his psyche for over a decade, Emile overcame his insurmountable odds through his resilience and has become an award-winning author and internationally-recognized Crisis Management Expert.

Jatin Shah

Marketing Director

Jatin has been a key team player of Rajparth Group since 2006 and his expertise and skills facilitates physicians and their team implement the different components of  The MediGrowth Achiever™ program to achieve excpetional patient care, happier team and a happier physician. His diverse background, hard work, and dedication to making himself available whenever needed is key to helping the program be a success for physicians.

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